Promised Land and Her Destiny

The Promised Land and Her Destiny

I love America. I always have. When I say America, I mean the land of America – not the United States. What we currently call America has been God’s chosen land throughout history. It is the land where Adam dwelt after leaving the Garden of Eden. It is the land

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No, Masks Are Not Our Brass Serpent

Recently, I saw a tweet from current Lt. Governor of Utah Spencer Cox that really bothered me. Normally, I would just let something like this go, but it has been eating at me to the point that I feel the need to provide a little input. Here’s the tweet: Here,

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Religious Freedom: A Dangerous Precedent | Jordan Gundersen

A Dangerous Precedent for Religious Freedom

One of the most important things many of the founders fought for, including Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, was freedom of religion. You see, before the formation of the Constitution, many colonies had an official religion just as England did. Some of the colonies were more tolerant of differing religious

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Go Ye Out From Babylon | Jordan Gundersen

Go Ye Out From Babylon

In order to prepare for His Second Coming, the Lord admonished the saints to “go ye out from Babylon” (D&C 133:5). The reason being that at the time He comes again, the proud and the wicked will be burned. The Lord had said previously that He would not “spare any

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The Two Great Commandments | Jordan Gundersen

What We Often Miss About the Two Great Commandments

Over the past several weeks since BYU updated the Honor Code and the CES Department clarified the interpretation, many tears have been shed, many tempers have flared, and much ink has been spilled—on both sides of the issue. One side says, “We must love our neighbor.” The other side says,

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