The Word of Wisdom: Hope, Healing, and the Destroying Angel

My first book, The Word of Wisdom: Hope, Healing, and the Destroying Angel, released in August 2020, was an instant best-seller. Co-authored with my wife, the book is a close examination of the text of Doctrine and Covenants 89 as well as discussion about health in the scriptures. What does God want us to know about how to treat our bodies? Pick up a copy today and find out! 

Word of Wisdom Book
Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson: Forerunner to the Restoration

My next book will be a deep dive into Thomas Jefferson’s life. However, this will not be a typical biography. Wilford Woodruff stated that the signers of the Declaration were the best men that God could find on earth. This book will take many things from Jefferson’s life to show how he truly did pave the way for the Restoration.

My Thoughts

No, Masks Are Not Our Brass Serpent

Recently, I saw a tweet from current Lt. Governor of Utah Spencer Cox that really bothered me. Normally, I would just let something like this go, but it has been eating at me to the point that I feel the need to provide a little input. Here’s the tweet: Here, Mr. Cox compares our wearing of masks during the coronavirus

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Religious Freedom: A Dangerous Precedent | Jordan Gundersen

A Dangerous Precedent for Religious Freedom

One of the most important things many of the founders fought for, including Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, was freedom of religion. You see, before the formation of the Constitution, many colonies had an official religion just as England did. Some of the colonies were more tolerant of differing religious opinions and practices than others, but many of the founders

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My Beliefs

Everything Will Work Out.
Listen More Than You Speak.
Create Value. The Rest Will Follow.
Be Genuine.