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The Two Great Commandments | Jordan Gundersen

What We Often Miss About the Two Great Commandments

Over the past several weeks since BYU updated the Honor Code and the CES Department clarified the interpretation, many tears have been shed, many tempers have flared, and much ink has been spilled—on both sides of the issue. One side says, “We must love our neighbor.” The other side says, “We must love God first.” Having graduated from BYU myself,

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Central To The Creator’s Plan

I’m currently writing this while holding my second child in my arms as she sleeps. She hasn’t slept too well (and neither has mom) the past couple of days because our toddler insists that the whole neighborhood hear his demands for attention. This makes our life difficult as parents because if the baby doesn’t sleep well during the day, that

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My Beliefs

Everything Will Work Out.
Listen More Than You Speak.
Create Value. The Rest Will Follow.
Be Genuine.

My Passion

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